not funny if april fools joke

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Re: not funny if april fools joke

Post by chasha420 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:14

dymatic wrote:It seems that some users here cannot take jokes lightly. Maybe there should be a slightly more serious version of Sabayon (with other changes like slightly delayed packages and no jokes) that can be used in a formal setting.
What do u mean by
serious version of Sabayon
? What is a serious distro in your opinion? Buntu?

I like Sabayon the way it is...and the fact that the devs seriously listen & care about users opinion...not to mention awesome forum & out of box support.

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Re: not funny if april fools joke

Post by bernd_b » Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:16

To me it seems that the programme lacks a useful set of error messages.

It is funny to read it once :D , but it takes some time to learn to ignore the output because it is only stating the obvious :roll: (do it once again and read the manual). That is the annoying part :cry: .

By the way: You can end every discussion with arguments like "They only jealous, they have no humour, they will never understand ..." if you like not to discuss something. :bom:
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Re: not funny if april fools joke

Post by msdobrescu » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:19

Yeah, let's make a Sad version of Sabayon and a Depressed one!
You have no idea how close I was to die laughing on this message!
I have tried to update several times that day, just to see the evil message!

Now, *seriously*, I was working for a German company making wire harnesses for almost all German brands and more.
There, all the software development department believed a 1st April joke saying to delete a file (related to Windows spooling because it is a virus. The joke came from a sys admin. Almost everybody erased the file, exept few. And they were IT pros. Imagine some 'regular' users...

Thinking about what linux was and what it became, I see outstanding improvments, compared to early years, but with the cost of losing humor. I still want and need to see fun in it, this kind of jokes, maybe followed by some disclaimer, like a 'just kidding' message after. I see peeople removing sugar and spices - sometimes related to the reduced development power - as in the KDE effects case (I still miss the snow effect, I would make it work if I know how) or screensaver funcion under KDE (there is a poll on that, whether to keep it or not). In the end, we might find Windows has more fun...

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Re: not funny if april fools joke

Post by bernd_b » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:46

:bom: :bom: :bom: :bom: Yes, it is great fun to lie to someone when he believes it. Imagine, some people really trust other people ... :shock: How funny. Even IT admins ...
Let's be serious: You can trust noone, do you trust Windows? No. Why do you trust Linux? In the end, Linux could become like Windows - what a joy. :bom: :bom: :bom: :bom:

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