Caution! New Virus !!!

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Caution! New Virus !!!

Post by batvink » Thu Jan 12, 2012 19:56

There's a new Virus,
It's called: Worm Overtime & Recreation Killer,
(shortcut: W.O.R.K.)
You can get W.O.R.K. from your Chief or colleague's.
Don't touch it!! The virus deletes your private life.
Eventually, when the virus infected you, can become active
at eight o clock in the morning, (somtimes earlier)
and it's following you all day long as a plague.
At some... it continues 'till late in the evening.
If you are infected with W.O.R.K. there are two solutions;
The first solution is: Work Isolating Neutralizing Elixer,
(shortcut: W.I.N.E.)
The second solution is: Brand new, Effective & Elimminating Rebooter, (shortcut: B.E.E.R.)
Relax, Eat, Sleep and Take a vacation, (shortcut: R.E.S.T.) will help too.
Share this message with your friends. If you don't have friends (anymore), then i'm
affraid it's too late. The virus W.O.R.K. has caught you......

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Re: Caution! New Virus !!!

Post by wolfden » Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:50

an evil virus it is!

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