Carrier IQ on Android phones (Who's watching you?)

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Carrier IQ on Android phones (Who's watching you?)

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:28

Interesting article in today's UK Daily Telegraph newspaper: Software on Android phones 'tracking every key stroke'.

And here's the YouTube video posted by Trevor Eckhart: Carrier IQ Part #2 (I see from the LCD screen below his mobile phone that he's a Linux user - Ubuntu, to be specific).

Very interesting indeed, and well explained by Mr Eckhart.

I have an Android phone purchased in the UK, and I can't find the applications HTC IQAgent or IQRD on my phone, so I assume these two applications are installed only on Android mobile phones sold in the USA. This Carrier IQ software logs all your key presses, your SMSs received (before you read them), your location, your Search Engine searches, and also your user name and password in plain text when you are using https (via WiFi even when your phone is in Aeroplane Mode and therefore not connected to a phone network). I don't know whether this monitoring by Carrier IQ is being done for commercial reasons or for governmental reasons, but I take my hat off to Mr Eckhart for finding it and explaining it clearly.

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Re: Carrier IQ on Android phones (Who's watching you?)

Post by batvink » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:57

thank you for the article, Fitzcarraldo.
i've bought my Android Phone in the Netherlands, and i also can't find those applications
on my phone.
Very interesting though, now we know what they're capable of..
Reminds me of Microsoft, some how...

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