Sabayon Coffee Mug

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Sabayon Coffee Mug

Post by HolgiB » Thu Aug 04, 2011 16:45

Hi all,

not shure if this is welcomed here but I did a small picture for a Sabayon coffee mug.
I do not know about your country but here in Germany you can get coffee mugs with a selfmade picture on them at each photo service in the www.

You can grab a template for a coffee mug from here:

Unfortunately the attachment quota for the board was reached. Thus I used megaupload.

Hopefully the resolution is big enough for a good result :mrgreen:

If not let me know and I will do a bigger version (currenty 600x740) based on the Sabayon Icon as SVG.
May be a double res or more is required although I guess one could easily upscale the image a bit without too much damage to it.

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Re: Sabayon Coffee Mug

Post by sqlpython » Thu Aug 04, 2011 21:21

I downloaded it and viewed it with Ristretto. Actually the resolution is quite sharp.
I Zoomed it to 6in x 5in (152mm x 127mm) and still perfect. Good Job.
Criticism accepted for Solutions that work. ;^)
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