my observations from distrohopping

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my observations from distrohopping

Post by throdon » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:28

I have been on a pretty substantial distrohop and I gotta call B.S.
Now so you know what I have been up to. I finally installed Arch Linux after a couple of months of using a combo of Arch-bang, Ctkarch, Chakra, Knoppix, Sabayon LXDE, Puppy, Lighthouse puppy, Multiple Ubuntu derivatives(including Lubuntu), Pinguyos, PCLinuxOS, Mint, Peppermint, Joli OS. I have even tried Slitaz and Tiny core.
I used to be jealous of ubuntu and the debpkg and certain apps being ported to ubuntu and waiting months to see them in sulfur. Not anymore. I have found the mother load and it is nice.

I don't even know if Gentoo is Bleeding edge, because I can't get it installed, But I finally got Arch installed and with a simple CLI command I can get almost anything installed that I would expect a bleeding edge Linux distro.

As an example How many of you know how to install Mozilla Firefox 8.0a1 on Sabayon. It's a Pain in the rear end, Am I right?!

I gotta say Sabayon as a distro is stagnating. Hopefully soon we will get our new website(a refresh if you will) Then we will be moving forward again. I am not leaving Sabayon, I am just hoping for a new life for the distro

Now If I could go further how about we drop flux for open as in Drop fluxbox for Openbox. I know we have a LXDE but that is not Openbox, it's LXDE. EVERBODY is doing an Openbox spin now a days. We need an Openbox spin more than anything else. When was the last time you got excited about a Fluxbox distro, but # # # everyone is doing the # distro now a days. So here's to you Sabayon, it's my drunken rant of the year. cheers!
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Re: my observations from distrohopping

Post by batvink » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:34

i have arch linux too, and arch bang on a stick.
they are pretty Linux distro's and i like them a lot., pacman works like a charm, and they are bleeding edge too.
still, im using Sabayon as my main distro. it's easy to maintain, nice and fast, and bleeding edge alright...
if you want, you can even upgrade to KDE-4.7.00
in my eyes, Sabayon is THE distro. just like the italian dessert Sabayon.
I'm looking forward to meet sabayon 7.
now, if you search the internet at the right places, you can do anything with Sabayon.
a nice saying, coming from Gentoo:
come, and join the world of linux. a world without lost dependencies, a world where anything is possible...
i know for sure, Sabayon linux is keeping the Gentoo concept alive.
slightly more and more Gentoo users are switching to Sabayon.
Throdon said: How many of you know how to install Mozilla Firefox 8.0a1 on Sabayon. It's a Pain in the rear end, Am I right?!
well, just download, unpack, and run firefox. see screenshots: ... fdruk1.png ... fdruk2.png

about window managers;
i can't manage it, but if your handy, you can make your own openbox spin.
or awesome spin.
for now, i think Sabayon is very good on his way., the're doing an excelent job, and i just sit down and wait untill something new happens....

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