to buy a multifunction printer for sabayon

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to buy a multifunction printer for sabayon

Post by speedyx » Sun May 22, 2011 8:03

I ask now for some hint for my shopping.
I wish to buy a new multifunction laser printer (printer + scanner) for home and a little printer, best if laser, to take with me in my weekly travel for work.

Now I have a multifunction Xerox WorkCentre PE114e that is supported by the Samsung Unified Linux Driver, but it doesn't work with Sabayon, maybe because it doesn't recognize /dev/mfp0 or some other reason that I don't know. For this reason I use an home server with debian to print, but I have Sabayon on family laptops. I have a Canon ip90 too, very portable, but with a bad print quality: it is 6 years old.

I WANT to use everywhere Sabayon.
What is your advise?
What can you say about colour laser?
What can you say about wireless or bluetooth printer?
Thank you in advance for your kind answers.
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