What Kind of OS setup do you have?

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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby chasha420 » Fri Mar 23, 2012 16:02

On my laptop Sabayon + TinyXP.

On my desktop back in my country I only had Sabayon...alas my computer illiterate mother couldn't get it to work (I showed her how to login, etc) but she sent it to a random local shop to install "Windoze"....the noobs there were so dumb didn't even detect any of my EXT4 partitions with their windoze boot cd & decided to wipe it all off :(

All my valuable backups, encrypted partitions to secure stuff...all gone to waste.

Moral of the story...do not at any cost install linux on a computer where u know the user has zero technical knowledge and doesn't have any interest in learning new stuff.
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby itlarson » Sun Jul 08, 2012 20:59

Considering I don't use computers at all profesionaly, I sure have a lot of them.

Main desktop:
Sabayon KDE 64 on Intel i3, 4g of ram, Nvidia GT-430

Media PC:
Mythbuntu 10.04 on AMD Athlon 4850e, 4g of ram, Nvidia GT-210, 50" plasma.

Netbook I take with on vacation:
Linux Mint LXDE on an Acer Aspire One, Atom 230, 1/2g of ram.

Old laptop I leave in the lunchroom at work:
LInux Mint LXDE- on a Dell Inspiron something or another, Pentium M, 1/2 g of ram.

Old computer of mine used to play music through the stereo at work:
Kubuntu 8.04 on a Compaq desktop computer, AMD Sempron, 1g ram.

Really old computer:
Crunchbang Linux on a Dell Dimension 2100, Pentium ?, 3/8g ram.

Other Hardware:
Pentium 4 motherboard and 4g of ram.

The last I would like to try fitting in the Dell Dimension case. I would try Sabayon KDE on the resulting system, to see if it runs alright. If it does, it also run well on the Compaq, which needs to be upgraded.

I may end up using Sabayon LXDE on the netbook and laptop, sincd Mint is discontinuing it's LXDE version. At some point, though I may replace them both with a 13" ultrabook running Sabayon KDE.

The media PC will continue to run Mythbuntu. I will upgrade it to 12.04 at some point.
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby ratcheer » Sun Jul 08, 2012 21:57

Gmanprime500 wrote:Alright some people are linux 100% and others dual boot, My Laptop is all Sabayon but my desktop Dual Boots Sabayon and Win7 I wanna know what everyone else here is running.

I have a desktop system with a large disk drive which is gpt partitioned. On it are Ubuntu 12.04 Unity, Arch Linux Openbox, Siduction LXDE, Sabayon 9 Fluxbox, and Sabayon 9 Gnome 3. I am in the process of switching my primary system from Ubuntu to the Sabayon Gnome 3.

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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby silentdrgn » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:19

I am running Sabayon 9 KDE on my laptop and Windows 7 on my desktop. The Windows desktop really just acts as a server and has Windows installed so I can watch Blu Rays and Netflix. Sure wish Linux would get support for both then I can break the ties to the evil empire.
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby sudo modprobe » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:43

I have so many computers! Just trying out Sabayon... it is so fast especially KDE.

Work: Win 7 (no choice) / Sabayon 9 KDE on WMWare
Home Server: Ubuntu Server 12.04, KVM with many distro VM's
Home Desktop: Arch
Home Laptop: Mint LXDE
sudo modprobe
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby eor2004 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:16

Switched from Ubuntu< LinuxMint, suse , fedora, and now using sabayon 9 gnome, very good distro!
Sabayon Linux MATE 64-bit
Gigabyte G41M-ES2L-->2gb ram
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.60ghz-->E5300
WD-6400AAKS-Caviar-SE16-640gb-->XFS filesystem
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby markwilson » Tue Jan 22, 2013 18:28

Sabayon KDE 64 + Windows Vista on my Laptop, Crunchbang + Manjaro on my Desktop
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby linuxfluesterer » Wed Jan 23, 2013 0:20

I have two computers.
1. Laptop (15.6 " screen) with Core i5, 8 GByte Ram, NVidia GT630M and a fresh Intel ssd with 240 GByte.
On this I installed a daily build Sabayon X (27/12/2012) with KDE 4.9.4. Now upgraded to 4.9.5 and Kernel 3.7.
The size and weight is convenient for carry in my boardcase when I'm in holiday.
In case I need Windows, I can run it in a Virtual Box.
This laptop is my center for all I do with 10 virtual Desktops. KDE makes it possible to run all in one place.

2. Netbook (10 ") with Intel Atom with SL X also for Backup. I need it in case, if 1. laptop fails. There is an NFS connection to my 15" laptop.

I come from SuSE 6.x with KDE 1.1, over Knoppix to Kubuntu 6.4 until 11.10. Then searching new home, begin with Linux Mint KDE (too slow) then for short time I tried Chakra ( :() and began with Sabayon 8 KDE, were I had many problems. With upgrade to Sabayon 9 most problems were solved. Now SL X is pretty fine. I'm rather content.

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE ...)
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby Ryuno-Ki » Wed Jan 23, 2013 13:49

Desktop PC (see sig):
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (until April 2013) with GNOME 2
Sabayon Linux X with Openbox (former KDE)
Windows XP (legal version "students edition") in a VirtualBox

My wife is using Ubuntu 12.04 … that's fine since she's not interested in learning how to use Linux much.
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Re: What Kind of OS setup do you have?

Postby Chompjil » Sun Jan 27, 2013 0:29

I Have an Hp Pavilion p7-1007c with Sabayon 10 XFCE,Windows7 SP1 64-bit, and previously (pre 2012) i had Ubuntu 11.10,
1 TB FTW! 8)
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