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why mobile hardware (except nokia) not rely on non-java tech

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:53
by sabayonlinux
I'm not clear why do all mobile manufacturers make use of one single indispensable tool in java, when the web2 can be also be implemented by python (django, turbogears2, webkit (webwareforpython), spyce, zope, etc), ruby (rails, ramaze), perl (catalyst, mason/maypole), others, etc like how Nokia had done for its Symbian OS (using pylons -- a web2 framework of python, via mod_wsgi adapter of apache2).
Can one use a combination of lazarus-freepascal's fpc, codeblocks-mingw's gdc and django+rails to fulfil tasks which are currently accomplished with the frameworks of java (ejb) or dotnet (silverlight)?

Re: why mobile hardware (except nokia) not rely on non-java

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 20:28
by xlnagla
as with all of software development, it depends largely on what it is that you want to do. Java is a language far more prevalent than pascal, and even more prevalent than python, especially in industry.