What will be the fate of MySQL and OpenOffice in future

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Young Hen
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What will be the fate of MySQL and OpenOffice in future

Post by sabayonlinux » Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:17

Recently, I came to know that some of the opensource based products might be discontinued as per the news regarding recent developments and future possibilities.
Potentially, it also looks like the OpenOffice and MySQL might also be understandably in danger of being put back in the bottle.
So, I thought it is high time that the GOffice such as Abiword, Gnumeric, etc (I don't know the name of powerpoint-presentation-like-ppt and access-like-database utilities of GOffice yet), and even the LaTeX+TeX based equivalent such as Lyx (word-processor), etc develop so as to accomplish all whatever the present users expect the Office Suite to do.

If recent announcement for availability of migration utility tools from MySQL to the MSSQL was made, even if it is proprietary I'm not clear as of what way can it be considered as significant since the MSSQL covers only windows.
Currently, since most of the more known Content Management Systems use MySQL as the backend will their configurations be changed to default to PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite3, etc. I had seen the PostgreSQL to be very efficient in windows too, beating the speed of SQLExpress2005 (but of course not the Oracle) while running DMLs and DQLs for data with 1.8cr records in all three databases. The data-processing speed is improved further when run from spyce based web2 (mod_python mode) via psycopg2 db-adapter. Moreover, PostgreSQL's tools such as plperl, plpythonu, plruby, pltcl, etc have not so may equivalents from other databases except MySQL.
The phoronix site's comparison results putting PostgreSQL's os-wise speed in the following order: 1) macosx10.6>linuxes and 2) linuxes>windows. ==> macosx10.6>linuxes>windows.
I used PostgreSQL in windows (for django, spyce) and macosx (for rails) and but always manage to only install but not configure it under any Linux. Conversely, I could succeed MySQL in windows and linuxes but not macosx after installation. Although I could configure Oracle for Linux, the python connectivity tools such as cx_oracle, sqlalchemy, etc are not seen in any repository as such yet. And Oracle's support for python is only upto connectivity and only partial in case of PL/SQL for only tables but not procedures, functions, triggers, plsqltable, varrying arrays, nested tables, etc.
It is surprising that despite this, the OpenOffice Base's (OpenAccess) database connect options have MySQL, Oracle, MSAccess, etc but not PostgeSQL yet.

Sagely Hen
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Re: What will be the fate of MySQL and OpenOffice in future

Post by xlnagla » Sun Sep 19, 2010 20:41

Both projects are open-sourced; though Oracle may stop developing them, they can't stop the community from working. My personal hope remains that the day the plug is pulled on MySQL and OpenOffice is the day they become true community projects. I mean, just look at what happened to OpenSolaris - they main talent quit en mass, and are close to releasing a superior clone.

They can't stop the signal.


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