Identify corrupted song names ?

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Identify corrupted song names ?

Postby WarraWarra » Thu Oct 23, 2008 22:29

Yeah the title say's it all thanks to @broken glass in [email protected] operating system some of my backup music got all confugilated so the names are all on the wrong songs and some songs 3 or more are meshed into one long supposed song with same as if listening to a mix cd with pauses in between. The rest sounds like 56k modem sending a fax or trying to find the internet.

Q ?
Is there a way in any OS to check the song actual ?? notes / paying music versus song name in a database or similar.
Maybe some software that does this automatically and writes the actual name to mp3.

Any help would be appreciated as this new what play's next is interesting and surprising LOL.
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Re: Identify corrupted song names ?

Postby Stupot » Fri Oct 24, 2008 15:53

I have heard of some Windows programs that will attempt to correct mp3 tags (title, artist, album, etc), but I haven't heard of anything for linux. I'm also unsure if they edit the file name or just the tags (my guess is just the tags).
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