some question about the linux system

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Baby Hen
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some question about the linux system

Post by theboyofnorway » Tue Sep 09, 2008 16:38

i have used ubuntu for a year now, and i'm tired and want to try something els. but before i take the step i wonder, can this distro run .deb files?
if not... is there possibility to install amsn, frostwire, wine?
what packets does this system use?

question 2... can i install gnome and not KDE desktop environment when i use the live cd? (i have no exsperiens for kde but i can try it)
question 3... can i use the code sudo and not zu(?) command if i want to install something from the terminal?
question 4... compared to ubuntu, witch run best?

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Re: some question about the linux system

Post by dunsurfin » Tue Sep 09, 2008 17:14

Probably a good place to look for most of your answers is the Wiki
You may get a better idea by trying the DVD which has wine and gnome. There are 2 package managers - portage and entropy - again I suggest a look in the Wiki. My own experience is that Sabayon runs better than Ubuntu but "chacun à son goût"
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Re: some question about the linux system

Post by Thev00d00 » Tue Sep 09, 2008 17:23

1. For all intensive purposes gentoo bases systems canot use deb files.
1.a. To install "amsn, frostwire, wine" there are two options, a) Spritz (a nice GUI or b) a command line tool called equo (like apt-get)

2. Its included on the DVD version already, I wouldnt reccomend trying to install it on the CD version as newbie.
3. Yes, you just need to add your username to the sudoers file, heres some nice ubuntu docs on it
4. Cant really say, the user makes each distro work or not.

Good Luck.
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