Foxconn bioses

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Re: Foxconn bioses

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Aug 02, 2008 23:25

Yes, saw the link on to that Ubuntu thread, and it's good news indeed. (BTW, I think I was wrong in saying in my previous post that it also affected Award BIOSs.)

Although Foxconn had no choice but to act in order to clear its name, it did so quickly and in a very conciliatory manner, so full marks to Foxconn. With most of the ACPI problems fixed and Foxconn's (and AMI's) new-found understanding of ACPI, the interaction of the BIOS on the Linux kernel and vice versa, this could mean that many Linux users will get decent ACPI performance from their distros in future. Maybe Foxconn will actually increase its sales of mobos to Linux users as a result of this.

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