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Postby LinChapulin » Thu Feb 07, 2008 16:19

Hello everyone. I am LinChapulin and am interested in learning all I can about Linux and Sabayon especially. I have some experience with Linux using Fedora 8, OpenSuse 10.3 and Ubuntu Gutsy and previous versions. Only the simple command line stuff...lspci, lsmod, cat, etc. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning from their knowledge so that I can grow as a user myself. One of the main reasons I have left the other more "mainstream" distributions is that I find generally there isn't much help, or interest in helping an aspiring linux user to become more proficient in the use, setup, and administration of said O.S. I am hoping the community here will be a little more lenient in that regard. I also have a problem that wasn't even addressed in any of my forum posts on the other sites. I have a intel hdaudio chipset on a Fujitsu N series notebook. The audio output is fine, but neither ALSA nor OSS from have been able to figure out why I can't get any audio recorded using Audacity or Rezound. Anyway I mention this only as another reason I chose to try Sabayon because it states it has more advanced hardware support perhaps than other distros. Well hope to chat, or collaborate with you soon.


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Re: Introduction

Postby dunsurfin » Thu Feb 07, 2008 17:53

Welcome :) I came to Sabayon about a year ago and have found good support on these forums. Occasionally it can be a little forthright but it's important to try and not take a terse comment as an unhelpful one. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice about your sound problem but I hope someone will come along soon with some suggestion.
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Re: Introduction

Postby joost » Thu Feb 07, 2008 20:47

try alsaconf as root
then run alsamixer, maybe you get lucky
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