KDE 4 for Windows

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KDE 4 for Windows

Post by wolfden » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:52

-== KDE Installer for Windows ==- You can use this installer to download and install the various binary packages that you need to run KDE applications on MS Windows. KDE is free and open source so you can build all the applications "from scratch" from their source code; but as a convenience for others, volunteers create these precompiled packages and make them available on the Internet.

Disclaimer These are early days for KDE4 on Windows, some programs work better than others and some fail to run altogether.

If you experience any problems please have a look into our mailing list.

You can also use the KDE Installer for Windows to install source code and the packages that you need to build KDE4 on Windows (although if you are building KDE4 on Windows you may prefer to use the emerge system to build KDE and its requirements from latest source); see Getting Started/Build/KDE4/Windows.

http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on ... stallation

Dunno what to think, anyone going to try it?

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Re: KDE 4 for Windows

Post by koch » Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:50

in a few weeks perhaps in a VM. don't need it because xp exists only for games and for my girlfriend here.
Off-topic: did a xp-reinstall a few days ago, yesterday i decided i wanted to play a little COD4. had to install some things first because i did nothing with the fresh install until yesterday. no internet, dhcp and some otherstuff is missing too :shock:
have to reinstall xp :cry: :cry:
would it work right now i would try it perhaps because i have a fresh install.
after a reinstall with all things i need, burning a backup-image i will give it a try perhaps.
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