Finally Found What I Was Looking For

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Baby Hen
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Finally Found What I Was Looking For

Post by Pep » Fri Jan 18, 2008 0:39

Hi All,

first off I would like to say thanks to the team behind this wonderfull distro! :D Since first using Linux I had become a "Distro Hopper" of sorts, trying as many Distros my bandwith would allow for. My journey began with SLED 10 (tried it through work) from there I went to Open Suse 10.2, Ubuntu, Mint, PCLINUXOS 2007 (another great Distro) and finally Sabaton 3.4F my new Linux Home. The Only Distro that came close to near perfect (All hardware found and working, Compiz working) was PCLINUXOS. I still can't believe that Sabayon detected everything and JUST WORKED!!

I'm still learning and believe Sabayon will make for an interesting journey, correct me if I'm wrong but is Sabayon a derivative of Gentoo? Perhaps a more graphical version so to speak whereby Gentoo being more command line driven (Installing Apps and Configuring) where as with Sabayon you have the choice of both...?

Since my install I am looking at learning as much as possible so if anyone has some links to some needed tips it would be much appreciated, especially notes on App Install and Removal (Portato)

To make things more interesting I am actually enjoying KDE (Always preffered GNOME) but for some reason Sabayon KDE has something about it that I honestly admire.

So thanks again to the Sabayon Team and the community here which have all made this possible! :cheers:

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Re: Finally Found What I Was Looking For

Post by chickpea » Fri Jan 18, 2008 16:44

Hello and welcome.

Yes we are gentoo-based. No SL does not have any less "dependence" on the commandline vs. gentoo. In both cases, if you need to tweak something, generally speaking, both command line and GUI tools are available. So for instance: to change stuff in KDE will you need command line (mostly no). To tweak everything to your hearts content will you need to use the CLI a little, yes. To world update will you need the CLI YES. Is this a major failing of all linux distros and therefore the fatal flaw of linux which will relegate it to being a curious hacker hobby tool NO. The fact that the CLI is so pervasive in the linux universe is probably one of its major strong points. Learn it, love it, use it. Believe me some tasks and troubleshooting are easier with the CLI. Not trying to scare you off of linux, but too many people come from the windows only world and get terribly contorted about the CLI. The longer you use linux, the more often you will probably leave a terminal open on your desktop. Some things are just easier/faster from the CLI. Like all things, it just takes time and patience to master.

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