Our mission: to be crazy about linux.. ;)

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Our mission: to be crazy about linux.. ;)

Postby psikopat » Wed Jan 02, 2008 2:47

Hi, it's me again, nobody remembers this :)

it could be late but i had a "big" exam for going college.. so i'll buy domain&host etc. tomorrow.. whatever.. i've notes to wanna share about today.. about sabayon...
After routine days in linux (yes, i've used ubuntu :wink: ) yesterday i've upgrade my kernel & wow! , it started to freeze..
So i've deleted all of dist's (ubuntu, kubuntu & archlinux), burned sabayon to dvd, rebooted..
everything was good.. selected gui install, bla bla.. and "click to start installation".. clicked, oops.. a bug.. whatever.. i love sabayon & gone to text install..
started, after about 30 min. "system installation finished", now: text installer crashed in configuration.. oops! :?

i've restarted, there was no new GRUB configuration, created a new one for sabayon, booted but system is so weird..
rebooted from dvd & selected the repair option.. now i'm in fluxbox & waiting for this "really" slow action.. i think it will take about 4-5 hours..

i wonder, did you mean "all of us" at "our mission"?? :D
did you want to give this idea everybody with bugs? :mrgreen:

yes i know i have 3.5 beta & its natural to have problems.. just joke.. :)

thanks for this great system & good night.. (here is 3.46 a.m.)
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