WHich edition should i get!!

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WHich edition should i get!!

Post by jktrader » Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:07

I want it...I want it...I wanti it!!! But which ediotn should I get. x86 mini, iso, business, ot 3.3b, or 3.4 ediiton? What's the difference? Not the most savvy computer geek here...

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Re: WHich edition should i get!!

Post by darkscot » Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:06

That really depends on your hardware and internet connection (assuming you are downloading it?). If you have a dial up connection then forget about the full DVD!
Also if you have a 64bit processor then you can choose the 64 bit version. Though personally I have never been convinced of the value of getting 64 bit versions of any distro so tend to stick to 32 bit not. It means I just need to download one version for all my PCs.
I suggest you get the mini first of all and have a play with that, that will give you a flavour of the distro. Then in the meantime you can download the full DVD at your leisure and compare the differences, which is mainly that there is a LOT more packages on the DVD.
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Re: WHich edition should i get!!

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu Oct 18, 2007 17:53

1. Which release of SL?

My advice would be to download the latest release available, which is currently 3.4f, rather than downloading earlier releases. If that does not work, then try an earlier release (this is what I had to do).

2. 32-bit or 64-bit?

If you have a 64-bit CPU then you can choose to download either the 64-bit version or the 32-bit version: either will work on your PC. If you have a 32-bit CPU then of course you should download the 32-bit version.

I have a 64-bit CPU and have had no trouble at all using the 64-bit versions of SL. The only impact was that, because Sun has not released a 64-bit Java plug-in for 64-bit Firefox (get your finger out, Sun, for Pete's sake), I cannot view Java in Firefox. So I use the Konqueror browser instead for those Web pages, although I could have just installed the 32-bit version of Firefox instead had I wished to (32-bit applications run on the 64-bit version -- Skype, to give just one example).

3. DVD Edition or Mini Edition?

Both of these are "Live" editions, i.e. you can boot them and use them without needing to install anything to your HDD. If you like what you see then you can later run an installation program to install SL to your HDD from either. As darkscot stated, if you have a slow connection then downloading the DVD, which is more than 4 Gb, is going to take a long time. The Mini Edition is on CD, so is going to take less time than the DVD, which is chock full of application programs. If you have a fast connection, I would suggest downloading the DVD and booting from it (without installing to your HDD) to get a flavour of what's available and how you like the OS.


Whatever release/version/edition you decide to download, my advice would be to boot from the LiveDVD/LiveCD and use SL for a while first without installing to your HDD, just to see whether it supports your hardware (graphics card, wireless card, USB ports, Bluetooth card (if any), sound card, scanner (if any), printer and so on) and how you like it. This is what I did: I used the LiveDVD for a few weeks until I had learnt about configuring the language/regional options, my Bluetooth hardware, what applications are available (and, more importantly, if they worked on my PC) and so on.

And the most important advice of all, in my opinion: You really have to understand how the package manager works, or you will screw up your installation if you start to install packages. You need to do a lot of reading -- see the Wiki plus the various 'stickied' threads in the forum -- before trying to install anything. There are some crucial files (/etc/make.conf, /etc/portage/package.use, /etc/portage/package.mask, /etc/portage/packages.keywords and others) and commands that you must understand, or you will end up in trouble. Learn to walk before you run. Hope this does not put you off, because SL is great once you understand a bit more about how things work.

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