Ubuntu now in second place on distrowatch

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Re: Ubuntu now in second place on distrowatch

Post by Watcher » Wed Jan 23, 2008 19:22

I was a pclinuxos user for a few years, when I bought my laptop it did not want to play nice with the hardware. I did try and get things to work, but in the end started looking at other distro's. I found Sabayon by accident and when I downloaded and installed it, everything worked out of the box.

I very much like the look and feel of this distro too. I have been using it for eight months, though I do not post very often on the forum, I do appreciate what this distro offers. Thank you!
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Re: Ubuntu now in second place on distrowatch

Post by Xvan911 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:54

Hi there guys!

I used to use PCLinuxOS on a desktop just for trying linux, I tried some distros like DSL, Freespire, Mandriva and finally I stuck with PCLinuxOS because it was the one which worked better on that computer, let me tell you that before that I've never used linux so that distro was the best for the beginning and also that's a shared computer so I wasn't able to format the whole hard disk, thus I installed linux on a little space on that desktop, but I liked how it worked, and as I tried those other distro I knew that the performance it was not mostly because the distro but linux,

before I get a lap, I knew that I wanted to use Gentoo on it, because of its philosophy, I knew that gentoo would be too hard for me, so I've found out that sabayon was a gentoo-based distro but this one was easier to install and I got both distros (on DVD's), so far I cannot install gentoo but I've already installed Sabayonlinux, I really like this distro it's really stable, however I feel like that it boots slower than windows, and I still have problems with the sound and the 3d effects,

I read that dell (this lap it's an inspiron 1420) supports ubuntu, so I tried it, and everything works as it should, no matter I still like Sabayon because of the gentoo heritage, the bunch of aplication that it comes with, and the performance I get from it, I hope I could fix those problems because I want to leave sabayon as the main distro. as I said I haven't used linux since a few months ago but I like to try new things and I'm not afraid to get computers broken, I know they can be fixed.

So cheers to Sabayon and the developers!! keep on the way! :alien:

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