The OCRopus OCR System

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The OCRopus OCR System

Postby totedati » Tue Sep 04, 2007 21:10

i fell the pain ... NONE of any professional OCR system is able to live to my, high, standards. not even abbyy fine reader is not able to correct ocr 100% a clean pdf file. so ... i step to this docs:


and i see that i am not longer alone ... the big google is thinking the same ... proprietary ocr applications sucks ... the open & gpl counterparts also is not in good shape ... the net result:


and hope can see the light again. with interest and resource from a giant like google, bit by bit, things, i hope will be better in a near future ...

what spark my attention from ocropus-internet-archive.pdf docs? the statement:
closed source = can't be improved

hooray, and now google see the light, like all of us ... but ... after a lot of work in

is happening, right now!
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open access to all human knowledge is happening at an increased speed rate. no gate can keep it locked anymore .... the big O is more and more powerful and swamp everything in it ...
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