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Post by phzi » Wed Aug 08, 2007 1:03

Darksurf wrote:phzi, sorry to say, but moab is correct. Suggestions ARE opinions, some may agree, others may not. Suggestions aren't always right, but not always wrong. They are for IDEAL improvement. As you know everyone has their own IDEALs of what is perfect and what is not. If I were wrong about this, then there would be no arguement between anybody about anything, because it would be all black and white. But as U should already know, the world has gray and many many lovely shades of gray giving everyone their own opinions. Now that this argument is over, please begin to understand the forums are not for looking down at one another, but to help and make suggestions. Please do NOT tell anyone that their opinion is stupid, just humbly say that U do not agree, because..... and make sure that those reasons U list are valid points, not just your own selfish thoughts. Think of the community. Linux would have never gotten as far as it has if it hadn't been freely open to suggestions and improvements.
I'll keep your condescending thoughts in mind next time I "think of the community" by answering someone's questions elsewhere on the forums (or otherwise). I made no beef with his suggestions - I simply commented that he worded the whole thing in a very ridiculous manor. Forget I ever said anything on these forums, sorry I made any comment anywhere, I'll sit in my corner and do my own thing rather then try to help people - it's easier anyway. You might have a high post count, and I have no idea what your background is, but based on your comment, mMay be you need to learn proper forum etiquette. Did you even looked at my post history before making such a comment?

Read the first thing I said in this thread, "This seems very little like a list of general suggestions to improve the distro, so much as what someone personally wants. Everyone wants something different, and it doesn't take long to emerge extra apps you might like (such as thunderbird, or koffice)...."

I continued to show that he obviously did no research what-so-ever with regard to his other questions.

Now tell me... how is that suggesting that what he says isn't right for him? I meerly pointed out exactly what you seem to be arguing about - that these are his opinions, and don't seem like reasonable suggestions for the distro.

Did you even read the entire thread before hopping in here and making your own assumptions? Like I said, if this is the attitude people are going to take on this forum, then good riddance - maybe moab needs to learn how to answer his own questions first, before posting...

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Post by moab » Wed Aug 08, 2007 3:25

I personally find your suggestions 90% ridiculous. It seems like you put absolutely no real thought into your comments, and did no background research what-so-ever.
i dont go around saying things like that to people pall. why do you do so?

ever stop to think that maybe you are being a little to critical about something? suggestions are opinions. who are you to say who's opinion is worthless and who's opinion isn't? dont you think that is asinine? i dont go around saying things like, your thoughts are just silly, go somewhere else you dont belong here.
you should think about rolling your own off-distro, with the revelent packs available. That way you won't have to spend 10mins after every OS install, to install a few extra apps you want.
the reason why people ask questions is so that they can get answers. if you don't ask, you dont know. its that simple pall. if i knew everything, i wouldnt ask a single thing. but i am human, and i am not an expert at linux.

before you hound on Darksurf, realize that he was nicer to you than i was. we don't want you to leave the community, we just dont want you to act like a jerk when your talking to others within the community. No one would want to deal with Linux if everyone acted condescending.
Your #2 has nothing what-so-ever to do with Sabayon, and is just silly. To humor you, here's a list of CAD software for linux (which I found in 2 minutes of google searching - google.com ... you should try it!):
lets be honest with our selves pall. you where the first one to act. now your mad because you got lashed at your self. don't leave the forum pall because of this little argument. leave because you are tired of Linux and dont wish to contribute to anything. if your going to go around and act the way you are. then maybe you should leave and not ruin it for everyone else. personally i invite you to continue working in and with our community. now lets be adults and put this matter behind us.

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Post by phzi » Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:21

Please spell it, 'pal' ... it's giving me a headache.

I want no part of a community where someone will come along and stick up for the obvious idiot in the situation, and that's my final word. Darksurf obviously did about as much research into this thread as you did before you started it.

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Post by wolfden » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:47

Alright than, I think that is enough bickering.

People are free to make suggestions. People have the right to agree or disagree with suggestions. They are only suggestions and nothing more. The devs can not please every one, but they are always open to ideas. If they see a suggestion and are unsure about it, they will usually do a poll. The goal of the last few releases is to cut down and eliminate programs cause people don't want the bloat. The installer now has more options for cutting down even more bloat.

Post your suggestions and give feedback on the suggestions, but let's not attack each other. The goal of the community is to grow in a positive way. Some times we just need to bite our tongues and click the thread off.

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Post by WarraWarra » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:25

Not sure but how about running Sabayon with what you need and then run on a virtual pc software say virtualbox / vmware a windows copy + Autocad. This way you get best of both world.
Sad that cedega + cad is not a option as Oblivion is serious hardcore on any video card and possibly strains any pc more than what cad would ever be able to under normal use like needed here.

As far as I have read vmware can give you direct video card access if having 2 video cards.

I am sure if enough persons have the same request someone can mod a BE or some stable version of Sabayon into a live cd / dvd that contains all the parts requested.

I have been trying to figure the live dvd part out myself and is still a bit over my head / linux skills wise but would be nice to get what you need into a dvd and then just install and update max 10 programs / repetative install.