3.4e + ram autodetect then use minm 60% ?

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3.4e + ram autodetect then use minm 60% ?

Postby WarraWarra » Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:20

Is there a possibility to get the installer / boot of the live dvd to check how much ram one has and then auto-adjust / use 60% or more of it instead of max 410mb of 2gb. This could speed things up during install. Or even a option at boot of the live dvd that adds more of the ram for the live dvd to use if one knows how much ram is there than this could be a safe option.
This should work for the live dvd shutdown "can not unmount error" = first unmount /proc /dev or stuff like this then umount /dev/sd* or something like this should fix it.
Not sure but is there a option to install the extra games later once all is up and running as it does add 50mins to the install time in all 3.4 versions.

ps>Bcm43xx is happy as of 7pm GMT 4 aug + new install. 5* even shows 97% signal in knetworkmanager. TY.
Everything else works perfectly for me now, just have to get the i8k module to work so both fans can run. Insmod=i8k "loading" then once in kde = no i8k anywhere damn.

Thanks for the help.
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