Moab's wish list (add to it if you like)

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Moab's wish list (add to it if you like)

Post by moab » Sat Jul 21, 2007 18:16

well, this is what i was thinking...

you know how sabayon comes with all these apps that do the same thing... this is what i was thinking

i would like to see them pick out what the sabayon team thinks is the best of the best. and just install those apps. i also think it should come with portage (the synaptic package manger program) if someone doesn't have a program they want.

to help expand the whole game theme, and to help entise windows users that sabayon is the new windows, how about getting a stable STEAM to run on sabayon. people can boot up the program and install all there fav windows games through steam. trust me, the whole linux gaming thing that sabayon advertised is what forced my hand to make the switch (that and a stable beryl)

for the most part, sabayon is already a great OS. it goes above and beyond windows and OSX. Gentoo would be proud. the only thing to really work on after 3.4 final is stability and compatibility. though i could be wrong...

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Post by WarraWarra » Sat Jul 21, 2007 19:46

Not sure about reality but this is my opinion:
That is generally my idea about the mini / cd versions not sure if it is the actual case or intention of the mini /cd version to be this. ? no idea but excluding the games just have the working gaming software in it like steam client no games on steam to keep the size small.

The problem I presume is that we need more hands to help do the job and at the rate SL is growing this should not be a problem but it might end up having several versions. 1500 in the last month if not more joined the forum.
SL versions suggestions / idea's imho:
1 for eye candy / general dvd verison ,
1 for testing and insanely beta / unstable that can lead to future versions,
1 dedicated to gaming but someone might end up buidling a sub version of the current 3.4 final for this , 1 for business / work / workstation type office stuff.
And then possibly a small / cd size version with the basics kde firefox and audio player and mahjong lol and some eye candy if possible and anyone can then customize it to any extend, or is used for the sub versions of SL.
This will take a lot if time and effort so manpower is a bit limited at this stage.

Most major hurdle is to be able to give help / support them if there is bugs or something. Never mind the time to do this several version.
Most bugs can be handled in general as they are overlapping but someone would have to be dedicted to that verison they like and or use , form a small team / group cluster of persons for this to give advice or try / fix / find bugs for each version but be flexible enough to help with other bugs as well.

What most persons forget is that this is like a shopping bag full of goodies that you got together from one place and if the spinach has bugs then the farmer / shipper / seller of that product is the one to fix it if you can not get the shop or govrmnt to fix it.
Kde bugs goes to kde provided it is not a funny setting in SL. Amarok is broke then is it SL bug or is it amarok team's bug that needs to be fixed. This will reduce the load of bugs / error's here in the forums and get more persons to spend time fine tunning the distro and or playing with it.
Not sure how or if this can be implemented.

Same with any linux distro, bundles of programs each with it's own bug so the stable version does make sense to start from as alternative to the beta / testing / new cutting edge version's ?
I was amazed to see how many persons downloaded the 3.3 mini / dvd in the last few days just because it was stable , even thought the 3.4 loop3 is likely more stable in my opinion than 3.3 .

But there might have to be a stable solid version some time in the future for the new guy's / not so adventureus be it cd size. The basic version or bigger modified versions of this can then be let loose / sub versioned. Stable is such a non stable term / implication or a suggestion of reality LOL.

But this is just my idea as a user of SL or vision of what the future can hold.

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Post by P4R4D0X » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:15

I definitely agree with only choosing the best apps, why have 3 programs that do the same thing?

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