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Easy Remote setup tool

Post by MariousX » Wed Jul 11, 2007 13:20

I've just noticed that loop 3 removes NX server.

lxnay, Please reconsider leaving it in.

Two days ago, a friend bought a new computer, I gave him a cd, he went home, booted the cd and told me the IP. two hours later he had a complete sabayon install set up for everything he wanted and customised e.g firefox had add ons... This is a very common thing for me.

I don't want to set up from the command line. I enjoy clicking a few buttons and having a remote machine set up and especially being able to configure applications as I want from the GUI.

Please don't forget that to some people, Sabayon means being up and running as smoothly as possible as quickly as possible without needing to go install a few hundred packages like MP3 codecs etc...

The Business just doesn't appear to be what I need.

Sorry to complain.

Marious S.

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