Sabayon Linux "Business Edition" Wishlist

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Sagely Hen
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Post by chickpea » Fri Jun 01, 2007 17:52

How about kmymoney2? Or GNUcash, or some other preferrable cash/money management software.

Also some sort of GNU time/billing software would be a good addition.

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Open opinion poll...

Post by 34032322 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 20:18

A good strategy would be make an opinion poll with the topic "What kind of applications do you use daily in your office?" referencing of course to people that work on bussiness. If someone has the power to do it on some place, out of this page it would be great, and I think would the best form of know exactly what kind of applications include.

Also, we can query the bussiness area in the poll to know more about what apps include for each area.


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Post by Darksurf » Sat Jun 02, 2007 4:33

Definately wine and wineXS (personally I think wineXS should be in all versions of the distro)

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Post by node_one » Sat Jun 02, 2007 8:37

shorewall, bridge-utils, bind, dhcp, iftop, nmap, traceroute, wireshark, nxserver-freeedition, virtualbox, quanta, gimp, kopete, amarok, kdepim

Just a couple of suggestions.

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Post by voxiac » Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:27

Darksurf wrote:Definately wine and wineXS (personally I think wineXS should be in all versions of the distro)
What about winebot and wine-doors?

Not mentioning the infamouns wine-tools...

I think the user should choose the front-end he likes.

I don't like the name - "Business Edition". Maybe because "business" is being instantly associated with money or in other words paid version of the distro (unless you do intend to make it paid one) - like Vector Linux Deluxe or something like that. And mixing workstation stuff with server stuff is also a bad idea IMHO - they two very different setups (unless you will separate them with some entropy magic).
And after all why stable branch is only targeted to enterprises? I think many ordinary desktop users would like to use it instead of bleeding edge. (Our forum is not the best indication of that - only the ones who are fine with the current bleeding-edge paradigm remain, while others just run away to other distros)

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Post by Dark_MaGe » Sun Jun 03, 2007 0:19

sabayon business edtion will be free and the name is that way because no other name would suit can consider it a server edition but since there won't be only server packets it's to it's more a enterprises dedicated branch, as you said some users might want to install it on common desktop...but how many? this edition won't have all the features like xgl and other experimental features like metisse...and it will ship with a single desktop manager despite fluxbox. I think a common user will prefer to try an attractive aggressively featured sabayon edition rather than a "office" simple and plain version...we're opening this new branch just to make happy those who likes our "out of the box" philosophy giving them our best hardware support on a rock solid packets choice for places where you can't afford a system crash that may eventually happen with bleeding edge versions

that's my point of view...

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Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:22

^ And I think it's a good point of view. I know people who are currently running Windows XP at work who would be interested in trying Linux for the first time but are nervous. A rock-solid version might be more reassuring than something they have to tinker with a lot to get working.

More work for you guys, though, and you're only a small team. I hope it does not overload you. Or is it something that you can knock up relatively easily?

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Post by brunschvicg » Wed Jun 06, 2007 19:32

A Stable branch-tracking variant sounds like an excellent idea, and would remove the main reservation preventing several people I know from taking up Sabayon as their day-to-day operating system.

If it's going to appeal to people who'd otherwise be using Ubuntu or Mepis, though, Sabayon needs to take the applications included in the Mini Edition as a "base" and add IM and peer-to-peer clients, sound and video editing applications, photo management and html editing tools, the GIMP, scanner and OCR software.

Simple Hen
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Post by davkt » Wed Jun 06, 2007 20:10

A wifi connection tool that works first time every time with an IPW3945 would be good. I don't mind fiddling and occasionally having to reboot to get a connection but know plenty of people who would junk the OS if it failed to instantly get on line even once!

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Post by Darksurf » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:14

To tell you the truth, I'd probably rather run Sabayon BE if is was KDE based, no gnome, and had the following apps

Open Office
Task Juggler
K3b w/laCie (lightscribe support)
ALL KDE packages
working network drivers (wireless & NIC including PCMCIA)
WPA_supplicant (this should be a given....)
SCSI emluated (no more IDE crap) (also a given)
Firefox w/plugins
Working Alarm program that is flexable (preferable Kcron, working as a user please!)
GIMP or GIMPshop
mplayer w/smplayer
VNC viewer
SUSE style Kicker
Live Help (of course!)
NMap w/FE
Google Earth
SuperKaramba w/AeroG style theme monitor CPU, RAM, DISK, TIME, CALENDER
Dark Theme (bright colors are hard on the eyes)
Elisa Media Center
Hugin Panorama stitcher
Abiword (use it much more than Open Office Writer, I like it better)
Yakuake (comes in handy)
syslog & etc.
Virus Scanner w/GUI
good videocard support (like we have now w/autodetection)
maybe some good video editing software
Working Texas Instruments Card Reader!! (loop2b has the module running but rules and crap needs to be added for it to work, that sux!)
and some pretty Server admin apps
There is going to be a x86_64 version right??!?!
and whatever else I mostlikely missed that a server NEEDS
I personally don't think there should be as much bulk in this edition as the DVD release.
I also think we should mix it up. Have a stable base, but the bleeding edge in apps/ extras, thoroughly tested of of course.

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