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Postby Dark_MaGe » Thu May 03, 2007 12:29

it's always a 4 Gb download.... I can't see anything usefull in a 4gb download when you can dowload the dvd and update from there..maybe my point of view is wrong...but one thing is updating a small bunch of packages every time...one thing is getting 4 gb...
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Postby Darksurf » Wed May 09, 2007 2:52

well here is the point. When you upgrade, any packages that are not on the disc are unemerged. If I just emerged the new sabayon I could keep what I have already emerged instead of starting all over.

1. install
2. change flags & re-emerge it ALL with new flags
3. re-emerge all stuff I had before the fresh install
4. put back all the files/music/docs bla bla bla where I had it before fresh install (usually about 2 DVDs worth for the basic stuff)
5. re-install video games (not in portage - EX: NeverWinter Nights)

As you can imagine, this takes a long time alone to install it and re-emerge it all. (it can take over 2 days) So why not just emerge it all from the beginning with the flags I already have set keep my files without having to back them all up and put them back on the HD later and NOT have to re-install my games and set permissions etc. etc.

maybe we could add some use flags like "nognome or nokde" which would leave out those packages that are related to those environments.
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Postby wolfden » Wed May 09, 2007 2:59

have you tried the 6th Sense?

it will upgrade your system and leave your stuff alone. It's experimental tho and it does work. I have used it myself, just had opengl issues afterwards, but fixable. Downside is that it takes several hours to do. Good to start and than go to bed, should be done by morning.
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Postby Dark_MaGe » Wed May 09, 2007 16:13

ehm...I think that portage already does it when a new package comes out.... emerge -u world?
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