Installer modifes timestamp on backups

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Installer modifes timestamp on backups

Post by Bobby » Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:51

Last time I complained about how the install wiped out my home directory. This time (with 3.3) I noticed that the date of all the directories in home were changed to the time of the upgrade (from 2.6).

All subdirectories under it now carry the timestamp of when the upgrade was done.

I'm wondering what the heck the installer is up to?

It has no business changing the timestamp on all these files and directories!
Especially witout any warning! (I use those dates as a reference.)

Guess the installer does too!

I keep for example a dir called backup under /home to keep things that I want to survive upgrades, crashes etc. (a partition which never gets formatted.)
All the files in that dir carry a time of 19:53 from yesterday. Out of 32 files and directories in /home/backup, 3 have not been changed!

Though nothing seem to be lost or damaged it is completely unacceptable!

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