Vote On The Next Direction

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What direction would you like to see us go?

I'd like to see us use the same kind of background that others like Mac OS X and Ubuntu are using!
I'd like to see you and the art devs go back to the drawing board and try again to make something a little bit different.
I'd like to see us keep using flowers and life snapshots.
Total votes: 41

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Vote On The Next Direction

Post by Square Bottle » Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:23

We remembered what you guys said about the last proposed design for 3.3, so the three of us are thinking about doing the same kind of background as like Mac OS X, Ubuntu, etc, but for Sabayon now too. How would you guys feel about doing that?

Or, would you guys prefer to have me and rest of the art department try again to make something a little bit different?

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Post by cvill64 » Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:25

Basically, should be be the forefront leaders in design and such or should be stay the status quo. We'd like to get more feedback in the 3.4 theme process

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Post by schivmeister » Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:33

im new to sabayon, and i dare say the current flowery thing suits well. gives it an identity of sort..and in my opinion, the mac/ubuntu thing is a no-no.

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Post by wolfden » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:25

For now I am voting to keep the current theme till something new comes off the drawing board. A lot of people love the current theme and it was expressed several times in the other post.

Personally it don't matter to me as I will do my own thing. Regardless, we can't hold up a release cause of art work. If it can't be decided, keep what we got and shoot for a change with the next release. Can the art work be done in a month's time? I don't think any one wants to see a rushed art project, so exercise caution. I would love to see SL lead the way with art in the future, that should be the overall goal.

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Post by Goatee » Thu Feb 08, 2007 7:31

we should include more artwork, maybe 4/5 SL wallpapers, so the user can use whatever scheme they want

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Post by ajez » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:19

i think artwork team can go ahead trying to create a (also various) theme/wallpaper and submit them to sabayon users. meanwhile the team has not something ready, we can keep using flower wallpaper in next releases. when the artwork will be ready, we will include it in SL... we don't need to have a new theme strictly for 3.3, we can go slow to make something better, and release it after 3.3 release. Naturally IMHO ...

PS: i voted to keep flowers .. ;)

PPS: SquareBottle and team, u r doing a great work anyway, keep doing it :P
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Post by AmpLiF1eR » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:37

maybe it sound stupid but I have a different approach on this kind of things...

I voted for option 1.. not especially because I like those the most but because I try to look from above to the crowd.

I ask myself questions like:
- why are so many people trying to give their PC the look of OSX on their machine ? (flyakite, baghira)
- why is Microsoft copying so many things of OSX
- why do so many people like Ubuntu that much
- why are 70% of wallpapers using blue ?

I don't think of my personal preferences, but I think of the road to succes, covering the taste of the biggest proportions of the people out there, that's the way how I would approach it.
Of course someone who loves a flower can search for a picture of a flower himself, but if those people who likes flowers are all the people that like Sabayon and feel attracted to it, that rings a bell, "maybe" that's the reason why Sabayon is not that popular enough yet above others and only gives those small group that first great impression because of the look and then they discover the other great things.
Only the first impression counts, not the second (by changing things yourself) :)
If the first impression fails, they don't look further then that.
I think 5% of all people keep their original wallpaper on their desktop and change it anyway, except people using a mac, I haven't seen many people using a mac changing their wallpaper and I ask myself why.

On the other side, the poll on the front page shows that 78,7% likes how the theme is now, so the art team is doing a great job, so I don't think it has to be changed, especially not for 3.3 in particular in some sort of rush.
Why don't you just add a second wallpaper to the one that is used right now, just adding an alternative (or more alternatives) instead of a 'change' ?

But that's 'my' opinion of course :wink:
I think Sabayon is underrated at the moment and deserves a much better rating on the net.

(and I think I have expressed my opinion too much lately, so I backoff for a while on the art discussions, lol)

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Post by frogimus » Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:24

Blue is the most appealing color to the most different cultures in the world. Numerous psych and marketing tests have been done on this. Actually, the most appealing shade of blue is very similar to the one used in the BSOD (ironically funny and possibly planned by M$).

BTW Amp, please don't shrink your font! I'm old and my eyes are poor. I have to CTRL++ just to be able to read the normal font on here :shock:

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Post by lxnay » Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:28

AmpLiF1eR wrote:
I don't think of my personal preferences, but I think of the road to succes, covering the taste of the biggest proportions of the people out there, that's the way how I would approach it.
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Post by Appleman1234 » Thu Feb 08, 2007 13:57

I disagree with the lowest common denominator theory, Linux is hard for a reason, Gentoo is hard for a reason. Sabayon can make the experience easy / easier sure, but we shouldn't lower our standards just to win some stupid popularity contest. The moment something becomes mob / majority ruled everybody comprises, just look at business committees and government.

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