Reboot Choice Selection to Reboot to Multiple different OSes

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Would you like an OS selection option when you reboot or shutdown?

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Baby Hen
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Post by dragon_788 » Sat Apr 21, 2007 22:02

Funny, I've been using SL for a month or two and I actually just happened upon this post via Google while searching for a way to do exactly this with Grub from any OS. The reason I started my search was a mention in the KDM documentation mentioning it was possible to change the "default" entry for Lilo's next boot when restarting. I figured somebody had already done it for Grub and I've been sort of surprised to not find it anywhere yet. I'll post back my results for editing the next boot in Windows, and I might even end up making a batch file/shutdown script that will prompt you for the OS you'd like to boot on your next restart that will edit the grub.conf for you. Hopefully somebody can put together a script for Linux as well, although like somebody mentioned its probably more of a KDE/Gnome function that of Sabayon or any specific distro.

Baby Hen
Posts: 11
Joined: Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:09

Post by dragon_788 » Sat May 26, 2007 17:43

Sorry to double post but I figured I'd bump this a little bit and add some new information. I just reread the thread and after having played with openSUSE a bit I found the functionality that somebody above mentioned. I don't really see the problem with having the "reboot to" command using sudo and being applied to every user that is allowed to reboot the PC (which in Sabayon I think is anyone). I don't think old Bill planned on it but you could probably pretty easily add a pointer to Grub in the Windows boot.ini and in this way control what OS to restart to from Windows as well. In another thread I've read on this subject somebody mentioned grub has an argument called grub-nextboot or something like that which in theory should allow you to send a one-time alternate boot command to grub to boot something other than the default entry on its next boot. Are there any plans by the Sabayon creators to include something like this?

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