A Device Driver Application

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A Device Driver Application

Post by dave_p_b » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:35


I've become all to aware that some of the device drivers in SL (gentoo portage) are buggy. (Nothing to do with the devs of cause)
In my circumstance it was the rt73 driver, for my wireless usb adapter.
When I first booted the Live DVD the system hung when it tried to load them.
It was only though perseverance, and the fact that I know a bit about Linux, I figured out what the problem was and got around it.
I think if I was a complete noob and this had happened I would probably be back to distrowatch to find another distro. Don't get me wrong, I love SabayonLinux. It's my main distro now.

I'm not sure how many other buggy drivers are out there or even how many people this has happened too, but I read a lot of people not being able to boot SabayonLinux.

This isn't meant as criticisms but, more, something constructive:)
I've noticed that Linux as a whole is missing a good app in which you can view all of your current devices and remove or add drivers accordingly.

I'm wandering whether it would be difficult to produce a program like this as maybe a front end to "hwinfo" and "modprobe", if you get my drift.

SabayonLinux could come with some basic drivers loaded; such as keyboard, mouse, harddrive, vesa etc (all the ones guaranteed to load) and then more advance drivers (which are known to be buggy) could be loaded via the "SabayonLinux Device Driver" application.

Just I thought and I'd be interested in what anyone thinks about this idea.

Thanks for listening


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Post by cvill64 » Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:16

not sure, but I think there might be something out there for it....but in all reality, yeah, that wouldn't be too hard to adapt, just certain drivers are built into the kernel, which is a bit different

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