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Post by Appleman1234 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:33

I know it isn't my role, but I don't care :).

lxnay: Don't worry I will confirm everything with you, and forward completed application forms for all devs / contributers I help organise / clarify . Also you haven't given me any / much information about the Sabayon development structure. You or DM haven't been able to answer questions or clarify information or even just talk to me or others for a period greater than 5 minutes.

What I do know is that if this situation gets ignored, while you & DM focus on 3.3, then some possible developers or contributers will feel left out and isolated, and we don't need to isolate the Sabayon community from the Sabayon development just because cvill64 and Squarebottle have left.

I am not looking for control or power, just a job or three, I want to bring things back to the way they were before the resignations, smooth and awesome :). I just want to help :). I don't want money, status, power, I just want to help.
Access would help me help you better, but it isn't crucial.

terlmann & lzo you are on my shortlist as people interested in development.

/me steps back into the darkness and waits

Sorry to irritate you lxnay.
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Post by wolfden » Sun Feb 18, 2007 0:22

Appleman1234 you need to have patience and wait

You are getting ahead of yourself.

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