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Suggestion: Emergency fix Repo

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 17:33
by Stupot
Sometimes we have packages that make it all the way to the weekly repo that are actually broken. And when that happens, normally a fixed version is in limbo very quickly, but it can take quite a while to propagate down to the weekly repo. What if we had a concept (as proposed in the subject title) of a 'Emergency Fix Repo' to handle such situations.

The only packages to go into the Emergency Fix Repo would be to upgrade a known broken package that has made it out to weekly (or main, if the maintainer so chooses).

By keeping it separate, users of weekly don't have to take something that hasn't gone through the standard release procedure, if they don't want to get updates from this repo. In theory, the list of packages added to this repo should be very small, and hopefully empty most of the time. They can of course be removed when the package makes it to sabayon-weekly through standard means (in theory this part could be automated).

This particular concept does not have to be done by the official dev team, either! Feel like you've got what it takes to run a community repo? There's a real need for something like this. I see people asking for expedited fixes or how to downgrade a package all the time.

Re: Suggestion: Emergency fix Repo

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:19
by Provia
It seems to me a good idea.
Maybe this is OT but: maybe having a consistent testing branch can give us more stability?
I mean, at the moment the limbo repo is just an overlay, it just contains some packages (you have to keep enabled the daily repo). Maybe having some testing users that are running for some time a complete set of packages can give a better feedback. I'm thinking about a release model like the arch( or manjaro) one.

Re: Suggestion: Emergency fix Repo

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 0:49
by joost
If for whatever reason some package is "broken" and detected down in weekly, we push it down by hand and make sure it gets there ASAP. This only would count for high prio packages.

In theory there should be more "advanced" people using repository (we call it 'main' in our jargon), with or without sabayon-limbo attached.

sabayon-weekly for normal users | for advanced users
It is either you use weekly OR here, never enable both.

Now if you are "advanced" and care to also test a bit more, you could enable sabayon-limbo togheter with to receive the "daily" updates that went through without testing at runtime. (Everything gets tested in theory though.. if it builds, if it has missing deps..whatever) but not at runtime.

The more people using that test, the less problems weekly users will experience, because testers would first hand notice problems (if any) and it can be fixed before we copy to weekly.

Re: Suggestion: Emergency fix Repo

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:35
by Provia
Hi joost!

thank for your reply! I'm already running a SL XFCE and a SL KDE with and limbo both enabled.
It's curious that i haven' t got any single problem with last updates.

Just another question: are we able to bring an emergency update directly in weekly without waiting a week?

Re: Suggestion: Emergency fix Repo

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 18:42
by Stupot
Thanks for the info joost, I didn't know any packages were pushed to sabayon-weekly by hand.

The Emergency Fix repo wouldn't have to limited to high priority packages though.

One of the issues I think we're currently running into is the fact that all the testers have long ago switched to systemd manually, so the automatic push from systemd since openrc isn't supported anymore isn't going smoothly since it's been largely untested. Of course, I don't really have any good input as to how to magically test things like that, but luckily they don't come up very often.