NON GUI runlevel with network support

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NON GUI runlevel with network support

Post by chakkerz » Wed Jan 03, 2007 0:08

Hi there

Ok, so the nature of the problem is this: i want a graphical runlevel generally, in fact i boot into KDE and beryl quite happily but given me not having worked out the beryl magic resolution changing (yes i've seen the posts and i'll look into that when i have some spare time to myself) and prefering the control that a non GUI startup affords (and still having network support) i wanted my runlevel 3 to be non GUI (and starting x from there will affect a ~/.xinitrc inistialization which gets around the beryl res issue)

Anyway ... i have been away from Gentoo for a while and getting spoiled by Red Hat at work (spoiled has negative conotations ;) ), and well it took me a while to work out where my run levels were going and such, (can not claim to ever have played with that anyways so i was happy it worked first go):

create a runlevel that is graphical and calling the other default (noGUI and default might be a more realistic naming)
swamp-monkey ~ # cd /etc/runlevels/
swamp-monkey runlevels # cp -r default/ graphical
swamp-monkey runlevels # rm default/xdm
swamp-monkey runlevels #
and then edit the inittab
l0:0:wait:/sbin/rc shutdown
l1:S1:wait:/sbin/rc single
l2:2:wait:/sbin/rc nonetwork
l3:3:wait:/sbin/rc default
l4:4:wait:/sbin/rc graphical
l5:5:wait:/sbin/rc default
l6:6:wait:/sbin/rc reboot
I would agree that this is not a major issue, but at the same time, i think that for the novice user who will never touch the CLI it makes no difference what runlevel they are in, and for the experienced person (who can easily make the change themselves) this would be handy to have. the final clinch to the argument comes when helping a less experienced person where it would be best if the system in consistent, and the person with the trouble does not have to jump through the hoops of having to play with runlevel configuration to get into CLI only (and say the gfx driver is the issue networking would be needed for text mode web browsing to get the driver downloaded).

Cheers, chakkerz

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