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Ideas for new Wiki-Software

Post by Ryuno-Ki » Sat Feb 23, 2013 0:30

I share my thoughts about improving Sabayon's web presence every now and then: So, I'm not the only one, who's annoyed by the wiki's Internal server errors. I've looked for alternatives and there are plenty of them, so we need to filter for certain criteria.
Since I consider as less as possible dependencies as desirable I've looked for integrated services. Another point to consider is the used database. It is planned and announced, that the code base shall migrate to MariaDB on the long run. I think, we should respect this.

What features should be implented?
Well, I would like to see some of those:
  • Sophisticated permission management system
  • Content separated from layout, so the user can apply their own stylesheets
  • Same programming language like used for writing the forum (at the moment, PHP)
  • Defining tags (-> use CSS generated content for styling them)
  • Full text search with filters for e.g. the language (sorry, but I don't understand Polish, or Romanian or …
  • RESTful, so proper APIs can be defined
  • Statistics (to analyse traffic, user activity etc.
  • Spam prevention. At the moment we use manually activated user profiles and a RegEx filter for badwords
  • The ability to define another header then the URL. E.g. URL with En:Topic and the header with Topic (so language shorthand as part of the URL (RESTful!) and the header in the mother tongue).
  • Human readable ("speaking") URLs. This is meant in the sense of SEO. Just have a look at the forum's URLs and you know, what I mean
The list is probably not complete. But it's a draft to discuss. Are there people, who are able to code web projects? I'll learn Ruby on Rails, which is pretty predestined for this stuff. But I'm happy with Python also. I don't know Perl's syntax yet.

@TheV00d00: Where can I contribute patches? Would it be possible to create a playground for the development, too?
We could use for staging the results, once they're presentable enough :) If everything is fine a redirection can be used.

My fingers itch. Gimme something to work on :)
I know, it's a huge project, but every way starts with a first step ;-)
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