custom livedvd install

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custom livedvd install

Postby casualX » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:24

hi there

I made a live dvd/usb-pen based on sabayon/gentoo, because I want to install a customized sabayon on our manufactured pre installed oem pc systems.were moving from ubuntu,linux mint and debian derivats cause our clients want the gnome2 back and the new sabayon X mate release is just great.
after some trys with sabayon im really satisfied with it. :D

what i need to know is wether its possible to install my customized sabayon with the liveinst installer?
when I did this with ubuntu as example it was possible to remaster the os with creating a customized squashfs-image which the installer copied to the target system.

Its important for us cause we cant install sabayon on our oem pc and then again customizing it. makeing a image with clonezilla isnt a good solution too cause the pc configuration can change and our clients should get a install dvd. customizing means for us to update the whole system, install some themes,bootsplash, applications,activate keyboard layouts, set browser favourites, startpages and such we need a customized liveinstall disc. our clients with a linux oem pc should get a custom install dvd at least every 3 months so theres no way to go without a customized dvd or usb pen.

our linux service is free, this means when buying a computer at our store we install and configure linux for free and as mentioned above we send at least every 3 months in a period of 3 years a customized live dvd to our clients so they can reinstall their linux at less effort.

I hope you can tell me more about this and maybee give me some hints for a solution

thx in advance
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Re: custom livedvd install

Postby micia » Fri Dec 21, 2012 0:08

Hi casualX,

yes, Sabayon provides a way to generate customized iso images, it is an application called molecule, it can be installed as any other package, from entropy:
(as root)
Code: Select all
equo install molecule

This application is used by the Sabayon developers to generate the official releases, you can find examples to generate the isos here:

and a tutorial on how to use it here:

Pay attention while customizing files that are provided by an entropy package, since you'll lose that customization as soon as an update to that package is available (the file would be replaced, unless it is a config file, in which case the user would be prompted for confirmation).
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Re: custom livedvd install

Postby casualX » Fri Dec 21, 2012 0:17

thx a lot micia
im gonna try to do this
have a nice day
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