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remove orphaned packages:suggestion

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 16:20
by mitcoes
Running equo upgrade you might read at the end of the output

Calculando Actualizaciones del Sistema...
>> @@ Nada que actualizar.
>> @@ En el sistema hay paquetes que ya no están disponibles en los repositorios online.
>> @@ Even if they are usually harmless, it is suggested (after proper verification) to remove them.
These are the packages that should be MANUALLY removed:
>> ## [spm-db] perl-core/Perl-OSType-1.2 [209.1kB]
>> @@ Nada que eliminar.
>> @@ Configuration files scan complete.
user # equo remove Perl-OSType-1.2

user # equo upgrade
>> @@ Calculando Actualizaciones del Sistema... - calculating upgrades -
>> @@ Nada que actualizar. - Nothing to upgrade -
>> @@ Nada que eliminar. - Nothing to remove -
>> @@ Configuration files scan complete.

The command is equo remove name of the package, I suggest to put at the message an example with the first orphaned package - In this case my last one when I thougt in sending this post. Even better if there are a question prompting to remove them with a Yes/No.

Re: remove orphaned packages:suggestion

Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 21:43
by Fitzcarraldo
I'm moving this suggestion to the appropriate shed (forum).