Suggestions for sulfur GUI and Universal installer

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Suggestions for sulfur GUI and Universal installer

Post by mitcoes » Mon Apr 18, 2011 15:29

When you are going to see packages available or installed the default view is all with branchs opened.

I do suggest the default view is with all branchs collapsed - at least as option - and open /close branches.

It would be faster to arrrive to the packet you would like to look for because now as the list is big it uses to freeze,a t least in my computer AMD64 PII X4 B50.

And even better if the organization is similar to USC /PackageKit with several databases per category - I supose - to make visual search faster.


I do not know if it is a goal for the future, but SL Sulfur can find in a future a way of beng an Universal Linux installer from sources from PPAs, Sourceforge and Google code, etc making ways of incorporate as sources to sulfur with control of installing /uninstalling them even a stability detection program for this kind of alien sources installing with a previous backup, installing, testing stability, and keep or unistall the app if it does not work properly at the system, or even making some kind of sandbox for this kind of compiling from non portage sources.

Not for today, Sulfur is at alpha stage, but in a near future it would make Sulfur a product that can even be a multidistro packages installer - from debs, rmps, and sources - with a way - I do not what, but sure that can be done - of keeping system stability that will be the killer app for switching to this fast and good Linux distro.

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Re: Suggestions for sulfur GUI and Universal installer

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Apr 18, 2011 16:04

Moving this thread from Portage|Emerge Package Managers shed to Artwork and Development Suggestions shed as the OP is proposing enhancements to Sulfur, which is not part of Gentoo's Portage.

Please post in the correct shed (forum).

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