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y logo

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 17:27
by Digit
had anyone else noticed the foot looked like a y?

so why had it never replaced the y in sabayon?

cos i simply hadnt gotten around to it.

seems there's a possitive reception to the new "y logo" where the foot merges witht he word, unified, whole, distinctive....

without further prattle, i present, the prototype bellow, and links to the jazzed up version, and an example of it's implimentation on a desktop with an inspirational quote. tada!

Re: y logo

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 18:55
by Digit
ahhh... much thnx to supload, which i found here ... _Hosting// from the wikipedia external links to image hosting, only noticed it because of the synchronouslyness of the 3200x1600 size limit. "desktop size" i thought with enthusiasm.

so hopefully, supload have delivered as promised, and all these links i'm adding in now should work....
Ringtone Hosting


some nice additions to your desktop slideshows
those may look like just tiny logos there in their thumbnails, but they are sizeable enough to reach across three screens.
just some quickies i plopped out at Thev00d00's suggestion (or lythandrel or someone from the irc channel). i make my own artwork, which is currently being held up from being uploaded by... fussyness, to so nothing much to see yet, come back soon. hehe. :)
anyways, i much look forward to contributing more gorgeous artwork to sabayon in the future. and when i say more there, i do mean in quality more than i mean quantity, because after all, the ones delivered so far, are just little ditties. i can get fancier, n lusher, n more epic. well, do leave comments, i love comments, especially the criticisms. and better yet, if you have any of your own to add to the "y logo" collection, go for it! the more the merrier, upload them to this thread too. let this little revolution begin! :D

Re: y logo

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:19
by wolfden
It's great to see community people doing things

I personally am not a fan of the whole "chicken foot" logo. When I do my artwork, I usually just leave it off. I know there is many others that don't like the "chicken" theme/look either, but everyone has their tastes.

More artwork the better.

Re: y logo

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 17:03
by Digit
i'll admit, i wasn't a big fan of it to begin with either. but it is quite unique, and dare i say iconographic, which is what a "corporate identity" needs. ;) lol.

i will say this though, i've yet to sit easy with the idea of it's "imperfectness". ok, so fine, one sinde needs to be longer than the other side, it's a foot print, i get that. but most versions i've seen could do with neater, smoother, more "cartoony" clean lines, rather than those horrible jutts that frankly looked like how my vector lines come out looking... like i'm not very skilled with the "pen" tool... which i'm not, and thats why they end up looking like that if i dont spend ages getting it right... sorry... slipped into a 'coffee break at art college chat' ramble there. ^_^

/me reminds himself he's not in art college now. :roll: