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Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 20:24
by joost
If you guys have any suggestions, ideas or feature requests i think now is the time.


Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 22:30
by koch
update python.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 22:49
by Fitzcarraldo
Automatically add the well-known missing global USE flags to /etc/make.conf that the LiveDVD/CD installs to the HDD. Automatically remove the duplicate global USE flags from /etc/make.conf that the LiveDVD/CD installs to the HDD.

Perhaps it would also be a good idea for the installation routine to automatically restructure/tidy up the global USE flags in /etc/make.conf along the lines that DontPanic does manually post install for his (the example below is from one of his posts a while ago).

Code: Select all

# USE Flag Definition
# Change Log:
#   * Enabled gnome, gtk, and gtk2 as per my personal preference.
#   * Deleted 'qt' (which isn't used as a flag anwhere), and added
#        'qt3', 'qt4', and 'qt3support' flags.
#   * Deleted -gtk1, but didn't enable it.  Just left it out.
#   * Added opengl, sdl, png, and gif flags.
#   * Added mpeg flag.
#   * Added 'arts' USE Flag since KDE appears to already be compiled
#        that way, but I'm not 100% sure I want it.
#   * Conflicting esd entries (both -esd and esd) resolved to esd enabled
#   * Conflicting kereboros entries (entered three times) resolved
#        to kereboros enabled.
#   * libao removed (not a valid flag).  'ao' is a valid flag, but sabayon
#        is currently working fine without 'ao'.
#   * Deleted 'commercial' tag.  Not used anywhere.
#   * Deleted 'streams' tag.  It's not used anywhere. Leaving the similar,
#        active 'stream' tag, and added the 'gstreamer' tag.
#   * Deleted 'exscalibar' flag, no longer in use.
#   * Deleted 'switch_all_desktops' tag.  Not used anywhere.
#   * Deleted 'livecd'.  Sabayon needs this for livecd distribution,
#        the end-user doesn't in a desktop environment.
#   * Deleted 'webservices' flag.  Not used anywhere.
#   * Deleted 'chm'.  This flag is used by beagle, and I have removed
#        beagle from my system.
#   * Deleted 'spreadsheet'.  Not used anywhere.
#   * Deleted second 'dv' instance (in there twice).
#   * Deleted 'dvi'.  Only used in evince, which I don't have loaded.
#   * Deleted 'ext-man', 'ext-rtf', and 'ext-tex'.  They aren't used anywhere.
#   * Deleted 'asf'.  Not used anywhere.
# System/Hardware/Core Libs
USE="nptl nptlonly udev hal dbus acpi -apm kqemu startup-notification libnotify \
     sysfs fat xfs ntfs reiserfs reiser4 quotas \
     pam_console pwdb kerberos krb4 -winbind ole avahi \
     cdr pda ipod zeroconf lm_sensors gnutls mdnsresponder-compat unicode \
     usb aiglx 3dfx mmx subversion slang lzo rar 7Zip bzip2 \
     X opengl cairo glitz freetype truetype xscreensaver new-login xprint \
     nvidia dlloader xosd dga dri xcb fftw bidi slp "
# Networking - Server
USE="${USE} apache2 xsl xml php sockets samba cups ppds foomatic-db imap libclamav \
     mysql sql sqlite "
# Networking - Client
USE="${USE} firefox moznocompose moznoirc moznomail javascript \
     nsplugin flash irc rss jingle lj rdesktop "
# Perl / Python / Other Languages and Interpreted Languages
USE="${USE} ruby java mono pascal ada "
# Media (Sound, Image, Video)
USE="${USE} esd alsa -oss voice mp3 x264 aac lame mp3rtp ogg vorbis \
     gsm speex flac live audiofile openal pulseaudio sndfile sdl \
     win32codecs musepack real quicktime dts \
     jpeg mjpeg png gif tiff svg mng xpm wmf pdf gs djvu gd \
     libcaca aalib gimpprint gphoto2 dv skins \
     xine xinerama ffmpeg mpeg dxr3 mythtv v4l2 v4l xvid dvb dbox2 \
     dvd theora a52 css dvdr dvdread cpudetection cdda xvmc vcd \
     stream gstreamer network fame lcd scanner "
USE="${USE} kde qt3 qt4 qt3support kdeenablefinal kdehiddenvisibility \
     arts artswrappersuid musicbrainz amarok visualization config_wizard kipi \
     povray extraicons extramodules mail speech clearcase "
# Gnome / GTK
USE="${USE} gnome gtk gtk2 -evo -eds wxwindows guile -beagle "
# Unsorted
USE="${USE} plugin inkjar effects xen "

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 0:06
by koch
good idea, would make it easier for beginners

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:28
by juancarlospaco
Hola, ustedes entienden Español...???, bueno perdonenme por mi ingles.

Hi, im from Argentina, Buenos Aires,
im have installed Sabayon 3.4 in a lot of computers (ten or more) , PCs, Laptops
Actually is the best Distro "Out of The Box", comes with all in a DVD.

I got a pair of suggestions for the 3.5:

-We have to full replace ALL Microsoft Office tools,
so, in the 3.5 include a Replace for Microsoft Office Visio, i suggest "Dia"

-Include a replace for Microsoft Project.

-Include GNUCash. (or Kmymoney, or both)

-Include a Replace for Autodesk AutoCAD, i think qCAD Community Edition or ProgeCAD (A free CAD software for Windows, runs OK in Wine), the problem with that one is is not avaliable for download in the Official Home, but is good and free, i have it.

-actualice all programs to the last version avaliable.

-Include Wine-Gecko installed. And the last version of Wine.

-Eliminate "Danger Deep" and "Warsow" games, no ones like it. Boring. (more space in the DVD for the new programs)

-Include KDE Internet Share Wizard. a WindowsXP like internet connection sharing guide for all who wants to share their internet connection easy and fast. ... tent=53675

-Include Kooldock, a MAC OS style bar for KDE ... tent=50910

-Include "Firewall Builder", a GUI for iptables, most common problem, Amule is bloked by Iptables, and users want a GUI to unlock them.

-Include KDE HAL Device Manager, because is Windows-like Device manager (for the Windoze user) ... ce+Manager

-Include Isomaster - CD / DVD ISO editor

-Include Wink - Live screen capture (used to capture current screencast, for make tutorials for users)

-Visible " Wine " in the kicker menu, and a symlink to " winecfg " with the name "Configure Wine", " Winefile " with the name "Wine File manager" and "wineboot" with the name "wine reboot"

-A Cursor theme in black and White, big, high contrast for Accesibility reasons.

that´s all the users need.
And to stay in the top with this Distro, Last version of Compiz-Fusion.
start thinking in update the artwork (default wallpaper, colors, etc)

Thanks for make this Great Distro.
See you soon

EDIT: Yes, you are right, sorry, no Kuroo anymore.
this is based in a lot of users, i install and configure Linux for free, $200 or more for install Windoze only, my way to make more people come to Linux.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:12
by Stupot
-Replace Portato with Kuroo.
I strongly disagree. Portato needs to stay for sure.

Definitely upgrade python and KDE and everything. I think upgrades go without saying.

I really like the Avant-Window-Manager as my docking program, but I understand that it is a little unstable to be made a default. (My main problem is that sometimes an icon will appear for a nonexistant application entitled "No Name" and I can't close it. Closing and restarting AWN fixes the issue.)

I would agree with taking out some games that aren't really worth having in.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:47
by wolfden
Kuroo isn't developed any more, look at it's website. Portato is actively developed and supported

These threads all turn into the same thing as the others have.

I want this and that and the next person says no, I don't want that.

juancarlospaco's post is perfect example, omg - you have to be kidding me. wtfbbq

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:17
by dunsurfin
A "Read me first" link to documentation on portage and the CLI.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 18:24
by djGentoo
A "core" CD image (even smaller than mini) that does a core install with Equo and some drivers (ipw3945, etc). And speaking of ipw3945, iwl3945 drivers- a completely FOSS replacement for ipw3945.
As for the DVD edition, I agree with juancarlospaco, except that 3.4 already has Compiz Fusion AFAIK.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 20:06
by Fitzcarraldo
wolfden wrote:Kuroo isn't developed any more, look at it's website.
Well, a new issue 0.81_rc1 was released on 31 August 2007 and a 'lite' version on 10 September 2007 so, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. I have to say that I like Kuroo and use it a lot. Having read the dire warnings about Kuroo in the Forum, for several months after discovering SL I was too scared to use Kuroo to install packages, only using it to browse Portage and doing all my emerging via the command line. Then I thought I'd 'risk' giving Kuroo a try and was surprised to find it to be very usable, and have used it frequently since.

What would be useful -- perhaps from Necoro himself, as he knows his own package the best (and presumably the competition too, as no doubt he has studied them) -- would be a feature-for-feature comparison of Kuroo and Portato. What features does Portato have that Kuroo doesn't, and vice versa?