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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:53
by lafa011
Hello everyone!
My mainly idea of developing Sabayon is to develop an separate edition, or as part of installation process, which is mainly musically oriented. By that I mean software to write scores, to edit music stuff, something like a Musix Linux, but in the way of the greatest Linux maestro's Sabayon. That would be really nice, or maybe such thing exists, but unfortunately I can't get Sabayon to work - yet. :(

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:57
by albfneto
I will post these in the Bugzilla session, but seems to be useful as suggestions for future releases of Sabayon.
Do you see my posts about my problems with the 3.5 version. In fact, the NVIDIA driver problem is well known and posted by many users, and also in the Sabayon Bugzilla, as i found. You know that this problem, loose of x or video acceleration is caused by the no compatibility, between the new nvidia drivers and old nvidia boards, as mine.
Only the change to nv generic drive and the graphic boot occurs. further, i removed the new nvidia driver with an emerge -C command, and recompilation of an older version of nvidia driver, and re-editing the xorg.conf file, to pu "nvidia" again, solves the problem but....
My suggestion 1.... As i see in Ubuntu 7 and in some brazilian linuxes, an window with the detected nvidia or ati,or other card and the suggested driver. For ex. for my FX5200 128, the drivers of the series below 100 ( viz 98) works well. In this window, or formulary, the user will be choice the best or suggested driver... I have in mind this, because many people have older video cards, compatible with the video acceleration, but no compatible with the new drivers...

The other problem. Not compatibility of the kernel with SATA and SATA2 HDs! This is solved, seems to me only by using gerkernel to compile a modified kernel, and this is not possible in live disk, because cannot using the new kernel in the DVD boot!

For this, my suggestion numbered 2 - I found this bug in the Bugzilla of Gentoo!! Some new kernels for Gentoo, does not support some SATA HDs and the Genkernel cannot correct this!!!

But this is solved for Gentoo kernels.
My suggestion for further versions is that the Sabayon developers correct this problem in genkernel, prior to compile the kernel (25 ou newer) in the future versions of Sabayon. Seems to me that this is important, because many people in the world have comps with SATA and SATA2 HDs!.
My comment: This is a problem not only of Gentoo or Sabayon. In the same comp, Mandriva cannot identified my HD.In Linux Forums,i know the problem reported for OpenSUSE, Fedora, Red-Hat and Ubuntu, Debian and Slackware Distros.... Problems of Linuxes in no recognizing some SATA HDs are known....

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:12
by albfneto
My another post are some observations as guide for future developments.
In my Sabayon 3.4F, i installed KDE 4.0.3 and seems to me that is more stable. Now, the 4.1.0 KDE can be used.
Also, in Mandriva (in the University that i work), i see that the new KDE 4.1 is even more stable.
In Sabayon,i observed that the GNOME 2.22 is not so stable... frequentelly, some parts are broken specially the menus, and sometimes it freezes totally.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:25
by albfneto
Some more suggestions:

Mercury, an IM client , an sustitute of amsn, pidgin and Kopete, emesene

Prozilla, an download accelerator

Google Chrome for Linux, a new browser.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 4:43
by wolfden
Chrome is only available for windows afaik yet and no release date for linux version yet

can run it thru wine ... -wine.html ... omium.html

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 15:19
by albfneto
Recently developed Chrome for Linux:

I tested it in my Sabayon 3.5 and it runs.

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 15:56
by Stupot
There's no need to include Chrome or Chromium in the official releases of Sabayon yet.

From the link provided by albfneto:
"Q. Should I run CrossOver Chromium as my main browser?
A. Absolutely not! This is just a proof of concept, for fun, and to showcase what Wine can do. "

Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:15
by wolfden
albfneto wrote:Recently developed Chrome for Linux:

I tested it in my Sabayon 3.5 and it runs.
that isn't a linux version
Google has announced plans to support native Mac and Linux versions of Chromium, but they have yet to be released. CrossOver Chromium, however, runs the Windows version of Chromium natively on both Mac and Linux.