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Minitar Wlan Card support, Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/idea

Postby vk4akp » Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:44

Hi, my request is simple.

I'd like to see driver support added to future distro's for the following card.

Minitar PCMCIA (MNW2BPCM) & PCI Wireless Card (MNW2BPCI)

The linux source for this is available here. ... =file&id=8


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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby Element » Sun Nov 25, 2007 6:07

dunsurfin wrote:A "Read me first" link to documentation on portage and the CLI.

Sounds like an idea to me. I think that if we got the info out there, and people took the time to realize it (Which won't happen, ever.) then we could reduce the need for serious-noob help, and by that I mean... well look at my signature, you'll get the idea. I mean I've seen a lot of idiots come into the channel and I give them one command !gwiki Compiz Fusion and they're gone. And they come back the next day "Oh I got it to work, thank you.". Just that easy. Also I would like to see the gnome application media-gfx/eog included in 3.5 for the fact that it is kind of Windows Picture Viewer. It just opens. It is a quick, light application with the options to open the image in a editing program as you wish. It is much easier to than F-Spot Photo Viewer in my opinion.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby freeallbadgers » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:34

I'd quite like to see gltail included, "realtime logfile visualization. View real-time data and statistics from any logfile on any server with SSH", I think it fits in with Sabayons' bleeding edge philosophy. Looks cool too. -- has video of gltail in action.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby R3MF » Wed Nov 28, 2007 14:50

Given that 3.5 loop1 won't arrive until the start of December I am guessing that 3.5 Final won't pop up until the end of January, and my suggestions are based on this assumption:

Kernel 2.6.24
Xserver 1.41
Alsa 1.15
KDE 4.0

Software (KDE4 version where possible):
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby Ashtefere » Tue Dec 04, 2007 6:18

Joost: Isnt sabayon linux all about the cutting edge? at least have the option to install kde4.0 at startup, and have it as a session in session manager... but make sure you warn the user that it has bugs.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby wolfden » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:23

kde4 release is being delayed, release not till mid Jan now. Dec 20th was the date of the last delay, but changed once again. ... e_Schedule

Some distros don't want to put in KDE4 till 4.0.1 even so it becomes more stable.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby joost » Tue Dec 04, 2007 16:44


It's not up to me to decide what is on the DVD to start with.

I did test KDE 4 as is from the special gentoo overlay and must say its totally unusable as a desktop for now. Apart from that its kinda messy having it playing nice aside 3.5.8 (but its possible todo it). I think there is a point where its not bleeding edge but just not done yet.

I know for sure as soon as its good enough Sabayon comes standard with KDE4.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby Ashtefere » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:26

Thanks for the clarification joost. I cant wait to get my hands on 3.5... it HURTS to not have compiz.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby iamkrazee » Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:12

Thunderbird. Most definitely. I have no idea why it got thrown out in 3.4 in the first place.
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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Feature requests/ideas

Postby kerneloftruth » Fri Dec 21, 2007 22:07

cryptsetup 1.0.5 (step up from 1.0.4) definitely needed to access newer encrypted files such as lrw-benbi-*
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