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Business edition suggestions

Post by swdw » Mon Sep 17, 2007 18:45

First, congrats on the business release and all the hard work. Now on to sugestions.

The business release is a GREAT idea, but you should have more input from business users.

For example, a key feature that MUST be included is virtualbox or Xen (didn't see them in the package list). A good survey of business users that are NOT Linux afficianados would have revealed this. This is also a must because there are no good tax programs for Linux. Maybe even developing a utility that would scan their windoze program files directory and set up WINE compatible (only the highly compatible and tested stuff) software automatically with shorcuts would be a big plus

Here's only one example using my brother who's a small business owner (SBO). As much as my brother would love to dump windoze for his business, he uses photoshop and a couple other programs a lot for his business, and doesn't have the time to learn GIMP or scribus. He also has an old DOS based proram he uses because there's no windows equivalent. So for him, the ability to run such programs determines whether or not he can give linux a try. I know of several other friends who run businesses that have the same problem.

The ability to use what they're accustomed to, and gradually change over as they become more familiar with Linux, is a deciding factor for them.

This has been ignored by most distros that seem to think business users should jump into the changeover completely. A major reason for this is because the developers don't deal with enough small business owners and don't understand their mindset. Many developers are typically unaware of a SBO's concerns or take it for granted they'll switch just because Linux will save them money. Sadly, this is very narrow minded and is far from reality.

Since this is the first BE for Sabayon, it's still at the point where it can be altered and show the rest of the Linux community HOW to start achieving the long wished for growth in the business sector.

So anyway, there are a couple of ideas for you. Hope there's something helpful here.

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