Sabayon 3.5 Rolling release?

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Sabayon 3.5 Rolling release?

Post by ToneDeaf » Tue Sep 11, 2007 22:45

Hello all, I have been distro-hopping for my laptop and have finally settled on Arch Linux for it. I tried Sabayon 3.4e, but Arch was literally the only distro to work properly in any way with my thinkpad t61, and I suspect it will stay that way until at least october, when a slew of new distros are scheduled to be released (opensuse 10.3, fedora 8, ubuntu Gutsy, etc.)

Anyway, my experiences with arch got me thinking that maybe sabayon 3.5 (or 3.6, whenever entropy in done) could become the first in a new way of using sabayon. Arch's pacman package manager makes it easy to install your distro (I used the archie livecd version) and then update once to a bleeding edge system, without downloading and freshly installing upwards of 4 gigs every few months. Would it be possible to make this idea work in entropy? I think it would make people like sabayon a lot more. It would also make the idea of mini editions a lot more appealing to me if I could install anything without worrying about whether it will compile or not. Of course, this idea would require a server or two (or ten, if sabayon is getting to be as popular as I think), but I'm hoping our mirrors and this mysterious sponsor can take care of that.

PS: Good work team. I'd love to help, but I am not a programmer, and I am short of funds myself at the moment. I will try to donate a decent amount as a Christmas present though, unless it requires paypal. I hate paypal. Could I be a beta tester at least?

PPS: Dear Mysterious Sponsor person/company, Thank you for choosing sabayon, the best and most stable bleeding edge distro on Earth.

PPPS: Wow, I write alot. I hope you read everything and like my idea. Please Respond

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Re: Sabayon 3.5 Rolling release?

Post by wolfden » Tue Sep 11, 2007 22:58

You can do world updates to stay current and never have to install

Entropy will have the same abilities

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