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by nearlyolddave
Sun Dec 15, 2019 13:49
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Topic: Sabayon not loading desktop
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Re: Sabayon not loading desktop

I am no expert, just a casual user, but your problem is with lightdm ( the display manager being in the wrong place after the last major upgrade), The article two down from your query answers it, I have only tried the first workaround I saw, ( as it works for me ) so log on as root and use the follo...
by nearlyolddave
Sun Feb 10, 2019 20:44
Forum: Beginners|Newbies Area
Topic: locked screen & hibernate (minor) issues
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Re: locked screen & hibernate (minor) issues

Having just installed sabayon ( after a long break), I to have this problem on a desktop, and cannot switch my one user to open, but as I update ( I loaded 18.04 ) I cheated, Go to the start panel, > computer > system settings > desktop behavior and from the seven choices >screen locking and change ...