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by drzsab
Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:22
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Topic: Adding songbird to kde menu [Solved]
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Re: Adding songbird to kde menu [Solved]

Songbird in the sabayon repos is very out dated, .05r. The current version is 01.20, or something like this. Need to keep the repos current or at lest a howto install tar.gz songbird current.
by drzsab
Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:35
Forum: Beginners|Newbies Area
Topic: Sabayon 4.1 K; do not use kuser
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Re: Sabayon 4.1 K; do not use kuser

Hi All, I also had problems with Gnome user and groups, under System, Administration. I find it weird that I am not listed as a user. So what I did was the samething I do in Arch linux and did # gpasswd -a <yourusername> <group> I am now in most of the groups in Sabayon. Not sure if this will help a...