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by termleech
Wed Dec 13, 2006 13:41
Forum: Sabayon Linux General Discussion
Topic: layman question
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layman question

From what I can understand right now layman uses svn to pull the portage overlay for sabayon. If I'm wrong please correct me. However if this is the case is there any way to have it use port 80 for webdav? My company uses a very restrictive firewall and proxy that doesn't even allow DNS request unle...
by termleech
Fri Dec 08, 2006 15:17
Forum: Sabayon Linux General Discussion
Topic: Which (modern) laptops work OK with Sabayon?
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As much as I hate them, I've got this working great on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I'm getting ready to try it on my Macbook Pro as I've seen some good results from people here.

*shudders to think he suggested dell*