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by janstedehouder
Mon Dec 11, 2006 17:20
Forum: Sabayon Linux General Discussion
Topic: Going Fullscreen in Vmware-Server
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No, it isn't solely a 64-bit issue. I had the problem with VMware as well and it was solved after I installed the proper nvidia drivers and changed the corresponding section in xorg.conf. By default it does not use the proprietary driver and that one will not allow VMware to use the max screen. The ...
by janstedehouder
Sat Dec 09, 2006 21:23
Forum: Sabayon Linux General Discussion
Topic: Which (modern) laptops work OK with Sabayon?
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It works almost flawlessly with my Acer Aspire 3681 WXMi. There is only an issue with the keyboard under Gnome. I still have to gather the information for a bug report. And I needed 915 resolution and some manual tweaking of xorg.conf to get higher resolutions for the screen.

Other than that: tops
by janstedehouder
Sun Dec 03, 2006 16:44
Forum: Dutch
Topic: Belgen en Nederlanders, stel jezelf voor!
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Hallo allemaal, ik ben Jan Stedehouder, woonachtig in Rotterdam en speel een kleine vijf jaar met Linux. Sinds deze zomer ben ik definitief over naar Linux op de desktop (Ubuntu Dapper Drake). Op dit moment werk ik samen met twee andere schrijvers aan een boek over Linux voor mensen die van Windows ...