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by jorma
Mon Dec 17, 2007 15:54
Forum: Sabayon Linux General Discussion
Topic: My Gen-2-Sabayon Experiment
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Re: My Gen-2-Sabayon Experiment

Thx for documenting this interesting experiment, might try the same with my new Gentooo install.
by jorma
Sat Sep 08, 2007 13:17
Forum: Hardware
Topic: MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT
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Re: MSI (NVidia) NX8600GT

There seems to be some problem with Compiz Fusion and Sli setups. I have Asus 6800 in Sli setup and tried to get it working with Fusion. What i tested was with glxgears Option "DamageEvents" "boolean" both true and false and Option "SLI" "string" on and off, like instructed on